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# Project Status Priority Target version Subject Assignee Updated Category Device Upstream patch status
1659 Replicant In Progress High The device pages don't warn about proprietary (and likely signed) TrustZone TEE Paul Kocialkowski 03/23/2021 11:15 AM Website and wiki content Actions
1599 Replicant Closed Normal No access to repo Paul Kocialkowski 03/02/2017 08:37 PM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
1563 Replicant Rejected Normal Generic advises on second hand buying Paul Kocialkowski 02/14/2016 10:30 AM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
141 Replicant Closed Normal Automatic date & time setting doesn't work Paul Kocialkowski 01/03/2016 01:40 PM Framework Nexus S (I902x) Actions
159 Replicant Rejected Low page flipping not supported (yres_virtual=800, requested=1600) Paul Kocialkowski 01/03/2016 01:40 PM Framework Nexus S (I902x) Actions
417 Replicant Closed Normal Show screen with hang-up button by default during call Paul Kocialkowski 01/02/2016 09:28 PM Framework Nexus S (I902x) Actions
645 Replicant Rejected Normal search tool crashes Paul Kocialkowski 01/02/2016 09:27 PM Framework Nexus S (I902x) Actions
531 Replicant Closed Normal error during restoring data from the recovery for Galaxy S (GT-I9000) Paul Kocialkowski 01/02/2016 09:20 PM Framework Galaxy S (I9000) Actions
957 Replicant Closed Normal NFC on I9300 does not require if patch is reverted Paul Kocialkowski 12/15/2015 01:15 PM Framework Galaxy S 3 (I9300) Actions
963 Replicant Closed Normal Consider merging upstream macloader patches Paul Kocialkowski 12/15/2015 01:15 PM Framework Galaxy S 3 (I9300) Actions
921 Replicant Resolved Normal Add sound scenarios for the GTA04 A3 Paul Kocialkowski 12/15/2015 01:09 PM Framework GTA04 Actions
1293 Replicant Closed Normal Require https for prebuilt downloads Paul Kocialkowski 08/25/2015 04:03 PM Security Actions
1221 Replicant Closed Low RSS feed needs a base URL Paul Kocialkowski 03/24/2015 05:09 PM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
1053 Replicant Rejected Normal Keep Old Images? Paul Kocialkowski 11/08/2014 03:35 PM Legal Actions
951 Replicant Closed High Preferred Network Offload leaks known SSIDs Paul Kocialkowski 07/22/2014 09:23 AM Upstream antifeatures and privacy issues Actions
903 Replicant Rejected Low wiki shows no source Paul Kocialkowski 05/12/2014 07:20 PM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
453 Replicant Closed Normal Replicant x86 Paul Kocialkowski 04/21/2013 04:17 PM Actions
375 Replicant Closed Normal Unable to activate data because of SIM not loaded error Paul Kocialkowski 03/07/2013 08:39 PM Actions
135 Replicant Closed Low Wiki license not very visible Paul Kocialkowski 02/10/2013 09:07 AM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
29 Replicant Closed High Unable to attach file to ticket Paul Kocialkowski 07/15/2012 12:05 PM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
147 Replicant Closed Normal Add DuckDuckGo as an Android Browser Search Engine Paul Kocialkowski 06/05/2012 01:13 AM Actions
111 Replicant Closed Low Dependancy Clarification Paul Kocialkowski 04/03/2012 09:53 AM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
1017 Replicant New Normal Replicant - Any version Sim ToolKit (STK) support is missing Paul Kocialkowski 03/23/2021 03:19 PM Telephony and mobile data Actions
1515 Replicant New Normal Replicant - Any version Support for more video software-decoding codecs Paul Kocialkowski 03/23/2021 10:52 AM Media encoding/decoding Actions
1497 Replicant New Normal Replicant - Any version Missing audio scenarios for bluetooth Paul Kocialkowski 03/23/2021 10:50 AM Audio Galaxy S 2 (I9100) Actions
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