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# Project Status Priority Target version Subject Assignee Updated Category Device Upstream patch status
2034 Replicant infrastructure Resolved Normal Switch the DNS to the new contact address system 06/07/2021 10:05 PM Actions
2032 Upstreaming patches New Normal Make thunderbird work with our contact address 08/08/2021 11:24 PM Thunderbird Work not started Actions
2020 Replicant infrastructure Closed Normal Mails: find why OpenSMTPD output very verbose on Parabola while it doesn't on Trisquel 8 03/26/2021 04:45 PM Actions
2019 Replicant infrastructure Closed Normal Fix mail certs 03/26/2021 04:44 PM Actions
2016 Replicant New Normal Document how to extract MLO 03/26/2021 04:42 PM Website and wiki content Actions
2015 Replicant New Normal Document how to check MLO for signatures 03/26/2021 04:40 PM Website and wiki content Actions
2011 Replicant New Normal Find a public version of the MAX77693 datasheet / reference manual 06/02/2021 07:17 PM Actions
2010 Replicant New Normal Find a public version of the DM3730 technical reference manual 03/26/2021 04:33 PM Actions
1985 Replicant New Normal Make documentation (text, video, presentation, etc) on how to get a Replicant compatible device in a DIY way. 03/24/2021 01:29 AM Website and wiki content Actions
1965 Replicant New Normal custom issue_statuses don't appear in the "Status" field when opening a new issue. 03/24/2021 01:15 AM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
1951 Replicant New Normal Document more precisely GDPR compliance 03/24/2021 01:00 AM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
1933 Replicant New Normal Make the EFS mount point the same accross all devices 03/24/2021 12:40 AM Installation instructions Actions
1924 Replicant New Normal libsamsung-ipc: flight mode: don't enable the modem when in flight mode at boot 03/24/2021 12:34 AM Telephony and mobile data Actions
1881 Replicant New Normal Install a patchwork instance somewhere to track patches 03/24/2021 12:10 AM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
1880 Replicant Closed Normal Describe Replicant network infrastructure in [[NetworkInfrastructure]] 05/28/2018 11:29 PM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
1877 Replicant New Normal redmine: don't require user first and last names 03/24/2021 12:09 AM Infrastructure (web, git) Actions
2096 Replicant New Low Do a security analysis of the factory resets mode and improve it 07/22/2020 11:58 PM Unknown Actions
2095 Replicant New Low Identify unknown data after the PIT in the Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300, GT-I9305) 07/22/2020 11:32 PM Galaxy S 3 (I9300), Galaxy S 3 4G (I9305), Unknown Actions
2267 Upstreaming patches New Normal Upstream the workaround for the VTU00M 0xf1 FTL metadata corruption bug which affects (at least) the GT-I9300 and GT-N7100 eMMC Belgin Stirbu 07/08/2021 08:46 AM Linux Work not started Actions
2261 Replicant infrastructure Resolved Normal Add and upstream support for matterbridge in Guix Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 06/07/2021 07:31 PM Patch upstreaming Actions
2258 Replicant infrastructure Resolved Normal Matterbridge: bridge with hackint Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 08/08/2021 11:21 PM Actions
2225 Replicant Closed Normal Find how to ship source code with guix pack Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 08/01/2021 02:12 PM Legal Not device specific Actions
2205 Replicant Resolved Normal Look at "A walk with Shannon Walkthrough of a pwn2own baseband exploit." ("", Samsung modem internals Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 01/04/2021 04:25 PM Website and wiki content Unknown Actions
2169 Replicant infrastructure Closed Normal Add back redmine issues relations Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 11/09/2020 05:46 PM Actions
2140 Replicant infrastructure New Normal Add server with limited public IRC logs Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 03/26/2021 07:38 PM Actions
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