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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Device
1899ReplicantIssueNewLowcomplete website information about supported device10/16/2018 07:38 PMWebsite and wiki content
1883ReplicantIssueClosedNormalno device available through adb06/25/2018 09:43 PMGalaxy S 2 (I9100)
1876ReplicantIssueClosedNormalerror when signinf build for i910008/30/2018 05:23 PMBuild systemGalaxy S 2 (I9100)
1865ReplicantIssueNewNormalGalaxy S 2 (I9100) compass calibration : replicant restart01/16/2018 08:33 PMSensorsGalaxy S 2 (I9100)
1864ReplicantIssueNewNormalafter installation of replicant 4.2, sdcard is invisible06/28/2018 10:21 AMGalaxy S 2 (I9100)
1862ReplicantIssueNewUrgentincompatibility between recovery 4.2 build and recovery 6 build01/16/2018 03:55 PMRecoveryGalaxy S 2 (I9100)
1857ReplicantIssueNewNormalsign-build script absent04/03/2018 01:58 PM
1838ReplicantIssueNewNormalReplicant 6 not responsive03/07/2019 05:15 PMGraphicsGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1826ReplicantIssueNewNormalcannot find zipfile directoryDenis 'GNUtoo' Carikli05/21/2019 01:11 PMBuild systemGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1817ReplicantIssueFeedbackNormalloose root access and developer optionsFil Lupin08/27/2018 06:13 AMFrameworkGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1815ReplicantIssueClosedNormalerror when signing new build, how to Wolfgang Wiedmeyer06/21/2017 09:22 PMBuild systemGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1814ReplicantIssueClosedNormalbuild error ; ERROR: No Jack server runningWolfgang Wiedmeyer06/21/2017 01:54 PMBuild systemGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1812ReplicantIssueClosedNormalerror while getting toolchain for i9300Wolfgang Wiedmeyer06/18/2017 12:12 PMBuild systemGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1811ReplicantIssueClosedNormalmissing when building Replicant 6 for i9300Wolfgang Wiedmeyer12/29/2018 12:36 PMBuild system
1749ReplicantIssueFeedbackNormaldeleting a picture is impossibleFil Lupin02/21/2018 11:28 AMBase applicationsGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1731ReplicantIssueClosedNormaledit button on issues pageWolfgang Wiedmeyer06/19/2017 10:16 AMWebsite and wiki content
1725ReplicantIssueFeedbackNormalreboot after installing 0004 on Samsung Galaxy S I9000Paul Kocialkowski06/22/2017 09:14 PMRecoveryGalaxy S (I9000)
1719ReplicantIssueClosedNormalRetrieving the Replicant release key from a key server does not work05/28/2018 07:44 PMWebsite and wiki content
1713ReplicantIssueClosedNormalbuild error with I9300 and 4.2 0004Paul Kocialkowski10/22/2016 10:00 PMBuild systemGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1707ReplicantIssueClosedNormaldead links for several devices wiki pages05/28/2018 07:43 PMWebsite and wiki content

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