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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Device
1659ReplicantIssueIn ProgressHighThe device pages don't warn about proprietary (and likely signed) TrustZone TEEPaul Kocialkowski05/08/2019 02:31 PMWebsite and wiki content
951ReplicantIssueClosedHighPreferred Network Offload leaks known SSIDsPaul Kocialkowski07/22/2014 09:23 AMUpstream antifeatures and privacy issues
705ReplicantIssueNewUrgentIncomplete EGL implementation02/01/2019 07:33 PMGraphics
537ReplicantIssueClosedHighGTA04 3.0 Kernel missing featuresPaul Kocialkowski12/15/2015 01:09 PMFrameworkGTA04
525ReplicantIssueClosedNormalScreenshot and preview in task switcher don't workPaul Kocialkowski11/12/2013 01:45 PM
429ReplicantIssueClosedLowSamsung-RIL: Operator requets is declined while it should notPaul Kocialkowski10/11/2013 08:05 PMTelephony and mobile data
375ReplicantIssueClosedNormalUnable to activate data because of SIM not loaded errorPaul Kocialkowski03/07/2013 08:39 PM
273ReplicantIssueClosedHighKeylogger on browser when typing URLPaul Kocialkowski01/17/2015 03:18 PM
189ReplicantIssueClosedNormalRecovery from system image won't workPaul Kocialkowski01/02/2016 09:21 PMFrameworkGalaxy S (I9000)
81ReplicantIssueRejectedNormalRIL won't survive after killall zygotePaul Kocialkowski01/03/2016 01:38 PMTelephony and mobile dataNexus S (I902x)
75ReplicantIssueClosedNormalManual operator selection doesn't workPaul Kocialkowski01/03/2016 01:37 PMTelephony and mobile dataNexus S (I902x)
69ReplicantIssueClosedNormalOperator scan doesn't use operator strings from the RIlPaul Kocialkowski01/03/2016 01:37 PMTelephony and mobile dataNexus S (I902x)

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