Issue #1775

Updated by Loic Dachary almost 6 years ago

Steps to reproduce 

 * Install When "running CTS": on i9300 with replicant 4.2 on a Galaxy SIII 4.2, the device does not come back after the initial reboot. 
 * Run adb <pre> 
 > run cts --plan CTS 
 11-13 22:34:41 I/CtsTest: Initial reboot and wait for multiple packages 
 11-13 22:34:41 I/TestDevice: Rebooting device 4df1066d14d15fbd 
 11-13 22:34:41 I/DeviceStateMonitor: Waiting for device 4df1066d14d15fbd to be NOT_AVAILABLE; it to reboot is currently ONLINE... 
 * Run adb devices 

 What happens 

 adb devices does not see any 11-13 22:34:41 I/DeviceStateMonitor: Waiting for device 

 What 4df1066d14d15fbd to be ONLINE; it is expected 

 adb devices shows currently NOT_AVAILABLE... 
 When watching the device device, we see that just rebooted 

 Rebooting after the reboot there is no message on top of the screen signaling the device goes into USB debugging mode. When rebooting manually, using the power button will do on the right thing device, it shows as expected and the device will show when running adb devices after the device CTS is rebooted. able to proceed.