Feature #1779

Updated by Wolfgang Wiedmeyer over 4 years ago

Some users don't need or don't want to use the modem of their device. Reasons might include skepticism about the level of the modem isolation, the wish to completely avoid the tracking of the mobile system or they simply don't want to have a nonfree system like the modem operating system running on their device. 

 So far, these users were advised to either buy a Replicant-supported device without a modem or to disable the radio interface layer by deleting or moving the library. 

 A more user-friendly approach would be a setting that, when enabled, would disable the modem boot when booting Replicant and that would not load the modem software to the modem. 

 When enabling the setting, the phone needs to be rebooted to ensure that the modem is not running. When disabling the setting, the user users needs to be informed that the modem will only be operational after the device is rebooted.