Feature #1882

Updated by Joonas Kylmälä over 4 years ago

Forkbomb, Wolfie and many others have been working on mainlining the kernel for Midas boards (Samsung Galaxy S3, Note, etc.). We want to have Replicant running using that. 

 Current progress on the kernel can be seen here: 

 Putti/Joonas is making it work with the latest AOSP master branch. So far it boots and starts the basic services, however graphics & touch work. are still missing. After the devices work works with AOSP master (maybe weeks, months or years) the work needs to be rebased to the latest LineageOS version. Then the binaries need to be removed and Replicant artwork added. 

 Current development version can be downloaded with this command: <pre>repo init -u git:// -b master</pre>