Issue #705

Updated by Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli over 3 years ago

Replicant is currently using the fallback Android EGL implementation, which is incomplete. The missing features of this implementation cause multiple issues: 
 * Slowness issues on devices with slow CPUs 
 * YUV is not properly supported (only black & white), which forces us to use RGB565 as a preview format on the camera modules. This causes several issues: 
   * preview-based detection (such as barecodes, QR codes, etc) doesn't work 
   * panorama feature is broken 
 * Screenshots do not work 
 * Previews of the windows in the tasks switcher are missing 
 * Some applications rely on unimplemented features, such as Firefox, Document Viewer and crash as they are missing 

 There are patches to use llvmpipe We tried using "Mesa": as a replacement, both with Replicant, swrast/softpipe and work swrast/llvmpipe, but it is ongoing to: 
 * investigate how too slow to improve the performances of llvmpipe 
 * investigate how to integrate llvmpipe and libagl at the same time on the device, in a clean way. be usable.