This project is about building database(s) on hardware and software and tools around them.

The current focus is to add information about Replicant supported devices in Wikidata and write tools to retrieve the information, but the longer term idea is to be able to have the tools and data be shared accros many different projects and distributions.

Example of tools:
  • Command line tools to get information on a device (System on a chip model, modem model, etc)
  • Integration of the data in a wiki like Mediawiki (once Replicant will have migrated to Mediawiki)
  • Integration of the data in the wiki of other projects as well (Libreplanet, Parabola, etc).

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Manager: Kurtis Hanna

Developer: Kurtis Hanna

Wiki author: Hey Man, Jack K, Kurtis Hanna, M J, Stefan Begerad