As its README says, libsamsung-ipc is a free software implementation of the Samsung IPC modem protocol,
found in many Samsung devices.

So for instance if you want to run a free software GNU/Linux or Android distribution on a Samsung device like the Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300),
you will need an implementation of its modem protocol if you want to be able to call, send SMS, connect to cellular networks, etc.

Having a very minimal library like libsamsung-ipc enables to use that protocol with with various distributions, daemons, in order to reduce the amount of duplication of work.

The consequence is that you will also need another daemon (like rild, or oFono) to use the samsung-ipc protocol, and that daemon will needs to have support for libsamsung-ipc.


git: libsamsung-ipc git is hosted in hardware_replicant_libsamsung-ipc on the Replicant git infrastructure.
Mailing list: libsamsung-ipc uses the Replicant's mailing list.
Bug tracking: We currently uses the Replicant bug tracker.
Feel free to also add entries there on issues that affect libsamsung-ipc but not Replicant.
In this case it's a good idea to use "Telephony and mobile data" in the category and also mention that it doesn't affect Replicant (if that's not obvious) and how to reproduce the issue if that's applicable.
IRC: #replicant on Freenode and OFTC
How to contribute patches: See the CONTRIBUTING file in libsamsung-ipc source code.


Build systems

Telephony daemons


We also welcome patches for devices that Replicant doesn't want to support, and we will do our best to keep the code for them working.
However keep in mind that we might not want to get devices and/or use devices that are give too much control to the modem or don't have removable batteries.
Because of that we might rely on testers to ensure that the code continue to work. This is similar to what Linux does to ensure that the drivers keep working.
As Linux does a pretty good job at keeping the compatibility with older hardware, we can follow their development models to do the same:



The Replicant wiki has currently most of the documentation on libsamsung-ipc. The CellularModem portal references most of of the modem related pages.


All the wikis in this Redmine instance are available under the Creative Commons BY-SA license.