In the Gandi web interface we assigned the NS and SOA to the git.replicant.vm.

See the Infrastructure page on the main Replicant wiki for who has access to it.

The DNS zones are hosted on the vm by bind.

The Replicant zone is at /etc/bind/ and we don't have a reverse ip zone.


First edit the zone file:

# vim /etc/bind/

Then do the modifications you have to do

Then there is a line with a serial like that:

1590000005      ; serial

Increase that serial by at least 1, like here you can make it 1590000005 or 1600000000 but make sure to never go backward (I don't know why, however every documentation that I ready say that it could cause issues).

Then make bind take into account the modifications:

systemctl reload bind9

And wait for the information to propagate.

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