We currently use mailman 2.

Hyperkitty depends on mailman 3.

Mailman 3 uses Javascript but not extensively.

Example: to get the archive we need to click on the lastest button without javascript:

Hyperkitty instances




IRC notes

19:52 <@GNUtoo> Does mailman3 requires javascript?
19:52 < qyliss> it works, but does not work well, without JavaScript
19:53 < qyliss> fwiw, I read that the mailman developer would like there to be a simpler UI than hyperkitty
19:53 < qyliss> and it's all modular so it should be easy enough to make one
19:53 < qyliss> but nobody has done so yet

19:52 < qyliss> You can keep the old interface around as a static html archive
19:52 < qyliss> But you can't put new mail into it after upgrading to mailman 3