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|_. What |_. Where |_. Access type | Who | comments | | Redmine instance |/5. OSUOSL | Redmine administrator | Only the following people have access to it: Before handling SSH (root) access to this machine:
  • Make sure that the person really needs it
  • Make sure that the person already contributed to Replicant
  • Ask one other person that has SSH access and/or the SteeringCommittee to also agree on it |
    Private contact address This is handled by Paul Kocialkowski's mail servers:
    SSH, physical access Paul Kocialkowski only (it's his machines) The contact address is redirected to several Replicant contributors including:
    * Paul Kocialkowski
    * GNUtoo
    * Add your name here if you receive mail from this address and want to be mentioned
    IRC channel Freenode Channel operator(s) Several Replicant contributors including:
    * GNUtoo
    * Paul Kocialkowski
    * Kurtis Hanna
    * Add your name here if you have access and want to be mentioned
    MODE #Replicant +qe $~a *!*@gateway/web/* and MODE #Replicant +qe $~a *!*@gateway/shell/* have been applied. Unless one connects via a web based irc client or via the IRC bridge one will need to register one's nick with Freenode in order to speak
    The domain name * Web inteface through gandi website
    * The DNS entries are configured to use gandi's DNS server
    The following people or machines have access to it:
    * Bradley Kuhn (administrative contact): Can do everything (including designing the technical contact or transferring the domain)
    * GNUtoo (technical contact): can do DNS zone changes
    * Other people? Paul Kocialkowski?
    The TLS certificate Let's Encrypt Access probably by controlling the respective domain name * OSUOSL
    * OSUOSL
    * OSUOSL
    * ?
    History: CA-cert -> GlobalSign -> LetsEncrypt


The OSUOSL is the Oregon State University Open Source Lab.

  • They can be contacted on #osuosl on the Freenode IRC network
  • They also have a 'support' mail address at

Virtual machine in FSF's office

  • The virtual machine is hosted in a server that is in their office.
  • Several FSF network administrator also have access to the virtual machine
  • The 'sysadmin' mail address at
  • The FSF system administrators can also be contacted on #fsfsys on the Freenode IRC network for more urgent matters

Virtual machine specifications

The virtual machine runs on top of Xen and has:
  • About 3G of RAM
  • 1 virtual core
  • a 10G rootfs partition
  • a 100G storage partition for Replicant git repositories
  • One IPv4 and one IPv6
  • Trisquel 8.0
  • The virtual machine may be using FAI and cfengine but it would need more investigation on that.
  • The distribution seem to have the latest security updates applies. How it does it needs to be investigated by looking at cron jobs (it might use FAI for that).

Virtual machine backup policies

The virtual machine is backed up daily. The backup procedure excludes the following path at the time of writing:


git hosting infrastructure on this machine

The source code is in /srv/git/git-data/repositories and is divided in several groups:
  • Replicant source code
  • LineageOS mirror
  • AOSP mirror
  • Various developers repositories
function software documentation comments
authorization gitolite UpstrreamSourceCodeMirrors
read access * git:// -> git daemon
* ssh:// -> ssh daemon
* https:// -> ? (TODO: document the software/configuration)
web cgit Cgit




  • Ask the OSUOSL about backup policies.
  • Document public spaces like Freenode IRC channel.
  • Do our own backup policies and do some backups ourselves.
  • Contact the people that have some control of the resources above and ask for permission to mention them here
  • Fill the gaps (mentioned with '?') in this page
  • Look what happens when an account is deleted
  • Fix the related issues in the tracker
  • Move the entries of this TODO list to the tracker when it makes sense

Funding and legal entity

See the SteeringCommittee for more details.

Legal advise

Contact John Sullivan at the FSF.

Note that John Sullivan is not a lawyer but the FSF has lawyers.

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