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What Where Access type Who comments
Redmine instance OSUOSL Redmine administrator Several Replicant contributors
Mailing list OSLOSL ? ?
Wordpress instance OSUOSL Wordpress administator Several Replicant contributors This instance is auto-updated automatically with the help of a plugin.
Releases OSUOSL SSH? SFTP ? ? We should not use too much space
Source code FSF SSH (in a vm?) ? Resources kindly offered by the FSF
Private contact address ? ? ? The contact address is redirected to several Replicant contributors
IRC channel Freenode ? ?
The (mostly-static) front website ? ? ? Source code
The domain name ? ? ? ?
The TLS certificate Let's Encrypt ? ? History: CA-cert -> GlobalSign -> LetsEncrypt


The OSUOSL is the Oregon State University Open Source Lab.

  • Where is it hosted?
  • What is the backup policy?


  • It is hosted in their office.
  • What is the backup policy?

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