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h1. Replicant infrastructure Wiki 


 h2. Current infrastructure 

 * [[NetworkInfrastructure]]: main description of the infrastructure 

 h2. Maintenance information 

 * [[AddingANewDomain]]: How to add a new domain 
 * [[contactAddress]]: Technical infrastructure behind the contact address 
 * [[DNS]]: Technical infrastructure behind the DNS 
 * [[FilteringSpamOnTheMailingList]]: How to filter spam manually on the mailing list 
 * FSF infrastructure and Replicant infrastructure at the FSF: 
 ** [[FSFVM]]: Documentation for deploying VMs VM at the FSF 
 ** [[FSFVMRootAccess]]: Root access setup in the Replicant VM and and general requirements for the FSF infrastructure. Information on how it is managed. 
 ** [[GRUBCrypt]]: Upstreaming grub crypt patches to enable other FSDG compliant distributions than Trisquel on the FSF infrastructure 
 * [[gitHosting]]: Infrastructure to host git repositories 
 ** [[GitRedirects]]: How are handled redirects for our server and why we have to handle it 
 * [[InCaseOfRedmineRgistrationIssues]]: What to do when the registration mail doesn't arrive 
 * [[IRC]]: How to manage the Replicant IRC channels 
 * [[MailingListSoftware]]: Software to run mailing lists, bridging them with forums, etc 
 * [[Mastodon]]: Information about the Replicant Mastodon account. 

 h2. Research 

 * [[ConfigurationManagement]]: Research on various configuration management 
 * [[Forges]] 
 * [[InfrastructureEfficency]] 
 * [[MediawikiMigration]]: Documentation on how to migrate from the Redmine wiki to mediawiki. 
 * [[RSS]]: How to fix the broken RSS link on 

 h2. License 

 All the wikis in this Redmine instance are available under the "Creative Commons BY-SA": license.