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Akismet Anti-spam: Spam Protection GPLv2+ Disabled for privacy and technical reasons, see below.
Companion Auto Update
Post Notification by Email GPLv2+ Post_Notification_by_Email

Replicant also has a modified Post Notification by Email modified by Paul Kocialkowski from version Version 4.1.2 of Post Notification by Email.

While the Akismet plugin is under the GPLv2 or later, it requires an API key and Replicant didn't have a valid API key anymore when I checked (April 2024). For additional safety I also disabled the plugin. At the time where I disabled the plugin, its version was "Version 5.3.2". I'm unsure what data it sends with or without an API key though. It's possible to find out by reading its source code though as it's relatively small.

Research on markdown with Wordpress.

Using markdown through Haunt.

There is work in progress to migrate the Wordpress blog to a static website that uses markdown.

Haunt is a good candidate for that and there was some work to try it out in the contrib/GNUtoo/haunt-blog repository.

So until this work is finished, we can still use that work to work on blog posts with a markdown format and then convert that markdown to html suitable for Wordpress.

To do that, you can follow the README of this project.

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