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About the Replicant project

General-purpose discussion about the Replicant project

147 548 Added by Fil Lupin over 1 year ago
RE: /e/ foundation and project
Replicant installation

Help and support for installing Replicant

181 811 Added by Larry Cotton 18 days ago
RE: Installation on Galaxy S3 - no
Replicant usage

Help and support for using Replicant

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RE: Enabling internal WiFi on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Replicant build

Help and support for building Replicant

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RE: Replicant 11
Replicant development

Help and support for developing on Replicant

92 535 Added by Josh Branning 7 months ago
RE: i9305 StartVoice org.ofono.QualcommCoreSoundDriver_Be...

Security aspects related to Replicant

50 271 Added by Andrew - 7 months ago
RE: Where things stand
Devices evaluations

Devices evaluations for Replicant

131 606 Added by Jack K about 1 year ago
RE: Galaxy Trend II Duos | SM-G313HN
Applications evaluations

Applications evaluations for the FSF's Free Distro Guidelines criteria

3 8 Added by John Newtral about 1 year ago
RE: Blokada5
Replicant infrastructure

Discussions about the Replicant infrastructure (redmine, forums, etc)

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RE: Use sphinx + read the doc for documentation?

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