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About the Replicant project

General-purpose discussion about the Replicant project

147 547 Added by Blue Computer 4 days ago
How can we speed this along?
Replicant installation

Help and support for installing Replicant

173 793 Added by Fritz Bauer 7 days ago
RE: Samsung Galaxy 3 upgrade to 6.0-0004 leads to process...
Replicant usage

Help and support for using Replicant

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Is it possible to recover files using the recovery? If ye...
Replicant build

Help and support for building Replicant

37 149 Added by Fil Lupin 11 months ago
error with repo sync on replicant 4.2
Replicant development

Help and support for developing on Replicant

90 518 Added by Jack K 29 days ago
RE: Development status of 4G/LTE support

Security aspects related to Replicant

47 263 Added by Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 2 months ago
RE: update MTK baseband
Devices evaluations

Devices evaluations for Replicant

129 603 Added by _I3^ RELATIVISM 6 months ago
RE: Galaxy S3 Neo i9301i
Applications evaluations

Applications evaluations for the FSF's Free Distro Guidelines criteria

2 6 Added by Fil Lupin over 1 year ago
RE: exodus privacy
Replicant infrastructure

Discussions about the Replicant infrastructure (redmine, forums, etc)

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RE: Use sphinx + read the doc for documentation?

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