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Wolfgang Wiedmeyer, 03/07/2017 09:57 PM
add section about modifying the system partition


Installing ADB

Instructions to install ADB.

Authorizing the device

In order to allow your host computer to access ADB on the device, it must be allowed on the device. A window should pop up when connecting USB, asking whether to allow USB debugging.
Note: when booting with USB plugged in, the window doesn't pop up and you have to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to see it happen.

Accessing root shell

Once allowed, you can access the device shell using:

adb shell

The shell is running as an unprivileged user. To gain root access, use:

adb root

The following shells will then be run as root.

Modifying the system partition

Replicant is installed on the system partition. By default, this partition is mounted as read-only and can't be modified.
You can mount the partition as writable filesystem using:

adb remount

Files under /system/ can now be edited.

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