Add support for the Pinephone

This consists in adding minimal support of the Pinephone in Replicant >= 11 by reusing code from GloDroid and other Android distributions, and also isolate the modem.

The idea is also to improve collaboration between various Android distributions that use kernels based on upstream Linux as improvements there are badly needed. We will also try to use these HALS in the devices already supported by Replicant 11 (Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300 and GT-I9305)).

  • Using QMI for the modem is not part of the this proposal, however the is a task to evaluate the AT RIL effectiveness to see how urgent it is to switch to QMI.
  • It will only support the Pinephone 1.2 at first. If we still have time, we could try to add support for all the Pinephone versions (1.0, and 1.1) in a single image.

Modem isolation: We will most likely use USBGuard to isolate the modem as it might enable other uses and also because the USB gadget whitelist code is hard to validate as there are cases where it doesn't apply the blacklist.

Status: Only evaluation work to produce the funding proposal draft started


See also

  • Replicant also has documentation on various upstream as there is an effort to try to collaborate as much as possible with other projects. When doing that we also need to have information on which upstreams are the most suitable to collaborate with. For instance using a kernel based on upstream Linux enable us to collaborate with PostmarketOS as they also want to support Samsung devices we support.

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