If you are new to modems, or to the hardware and software architecture used in smartphones and tablets, it's a good idea to start from the freedom-privacy-security-issues article .

Once this is done, there are more documentation on various aspects of the Cellular modem, from the protocol to implementations details.

  • BackupTheEFS: The EFS is a partition that contains modem data like the IMEI. If that partition is lost or corrupted, the modem doesn't work anymore, so be sure to backup it.
  • CellularModemPrivacyIssues:
  • ModemProtocols
    • AT
    • QMI: This modem protocol is used at least in the Galaxy S 3 4G (GT-I9305) and the Galaxy Note II 4G (GT-N7105). These devices need an implementation of the QMI protocol to add support for them in Replicant.
      • QMI-RIL: An attempt to implement the QMI protocol. The code can initialize the modem.
      • oFono-RIL also has an implementation of the QMI protocol that can be used on Replicant. This is now the route chosen by the Replicant project.
    • Samsung-ipc: This modem protocol is used in all the smartphones (and some of the tablets) supported by Replicant.
      • ModemFirmwarePartitions: Documentations about the modem firmware partitions
      • XMMBoot: Documentation of the modem boot
      • XMMUpstreaming: Work on driver architecture toward Kernel upstreams
      • SamsungIpcDissector: Work on a Wireshark dissector and information on the packets structure
      • libsamsung-ipc: The library that implements the Samsung-ipc protocol.
      • libsamsung-ril: The library that interfaces libsamsung-ipc with Android.
      • ModemDisable: Documentation on how to disable the modem. Currently applies to devices with the Samsung-ipc. This is needed because the flight mode doesn't disable the modem at all.
        • ModemDisableResearch: More in depth documentation and research on how to disable the modem on various devices and research on user interfaces for it.
      • SIMnotRecognized: A bug in libsamsung-ipc that affected Replicant 6.0, which resulted in SIM cards not being recognized.
      • XMMProtocolInterfaces: Research on the interfaces available (for AT interfaces on with usb_sel, and diagnostics, protocol tracing etc)
    • OtherModemProtocols: A list of other modem protocols and their implementations

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