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Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli, 09/10/2020 10:16 PM


The Replicant community has several places where people interact together.

Mailing list

Most Replicant developers are on the mailing list, as it is also used to review patches. Many non-developers that are contributors or that don't contribute to Replicant are also on the mailing list.

It's being used for many things:
  • Ask questions about Replicant, discuss about issues, etc.
  • Discuss about Replicant in general.
  • Discuss about Replicant contributions and development
  • Review patches

The volume is moderate but there are sometimes spikes due to the to a huge patch set being sent.


The Replicant forums are used for similar things than the mailing list, however:
  • Patches are not reviewed on the forums
  • Less developers tend to be active on the forums


Most developers, contributors and many people interested in Replicant are present on the Replicant IRC Channel(s).

People from other communities are also there as we collaborate on various things, like adding support for devices in Upstream Linux.

In practice Replicant has two IRC channels, but they look like one as they are bridged together: You can join any of them and your messages will be forwarded to the other one:
  • #replicant on Freenode
  • #replicant on OFTC

This is because an IRC channel was created on Freenode first, but Freenode doesn't allow true anonymous users (if you use Tor, you have to register from a non-Tor IP address first).

Private contact address

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