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= HOWTO build FLOSS Dispenser =

Install Maven

On Debian/Ubuntu (as root): {{{
apt-get install maven2

Download the Android SDK

Unfortunately, the most convenient way to get the SDK is distributed by the Android ''Open Source'' Project, but that copy contains proprietary Google code and is wrapped in a restrictive proprietary license agreement. You can obtain a free SDK by following the [wiki:FreeSDK directions] in our wiki.

Install maven-android-sdk-deployer

This will allow us to set up a Maven dependency for particular versions of Android. {{{
export ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/sdk/
}}} * Install maven-android-sdk-deployer * cd into the directory where you unpacked the maven-android-sdk-deployer sources. * Install maven-android-sdk-deployer according to the directions in the README file (either just `mvn install` for all platforms or `mvn install -P [platform]` if you want to install for just one).

Add SDK tools/ directories to PATH

Add the Android SDK's primary and platform tools directories to your path (to give `mvn` access to `aapt` and `apkbuilder`). Currently, the build process targets Android 1.5, but if you've changed it to target a different platform, use that one in the second export command. {{{
export PATH=${PATH}:<your_sdk_dir>/tools
export PATH=${PATH}:<your_sdk_dir>/platforms/android-1.5/tools

Get FLOSS Dispenser sources {{{
mkdir fd-readonly
cd fd-readonly
git clone git://
}}} Download necessary libraries and build FLOSS Dispenser {{{
mvn clean install

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