Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P51xx) Firmwares

Some hardware functionalities require firmwares to be functional.
If you are interested in writing free software replacements for these firmware files, please contact us.
Firmwares are programs that do not run on the main CPU: instead, they run on separate chips. Some firmwares come pre-installed on the chip and some others need to be loaded by the CPU.

Since these firmwares are non-free software, we do not recommend using them nor do we distribute them.

Firmware location Related chip Function
/system/vendor/firmware/bcmdhd_sta.bin BCM4330 Wi-Fi
/system/vendor/firmware/bcmdhd_mfg.bin BCM4330 Wi-Fi
/system/vendor/firmware/bcmdhd_apsta.bin BCM4330 Wi-Fi Host
/system/vendor/firmware/bcmdhd_p2p.bin BCM4330 Wi-Fi Direct
/system/vendor/firmware/nvram_net.txt BCM4330 Wi-Fi
/system/vendor/firmware/nvram_mfg.txt BCM4330 Wi-Fi
/system/vendor/firmware/BCM4330.hcd BCM4330 Bluetooth
/system/vendor/firmware/ducati-m3.bin Ducati M3 Hardware media encoding/decoding, Camera

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