GeeksPhone One Proprietary

This is the list of the proprietary libraries, binaries and firmwares shipped on the GeeksPhone One and the status of their replacement.

Note on shipping non-free programs

Note that we don't ship any proprietary binary, library or firmware.
First because our goal is to reach a 100% free Android distribution and also because sometimes, these are not even distributables.


Radio functions (Phone related)

Library name Location /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib /system/lib /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/

Camera control and encoding libraries

Library name Location /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/

Media libraries

Library name Location /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/

Bluetooth helpers

Library name Location
hci_qcomm_init /system/bin/


Wifi AR6002 firmware file location

Firmware location Function What depends on it?
/system/etc/wifi/fw/athwlan.bin.z77 Wifi AR6002 (cat /sys/module/ar6000/parameters/tgt_fw)
/system/etc/wifi/fw/data.patch.hw2_0.bin Wifi AR6002 (cat /sys/module/ar6000/parameters/tgt_patch)
/system/etc/wifi/fw/eeprom.bin Wifi AR6002 (cat /sys/module/ar6000/parameters/eeprom_bin)

Note: in /sys/module/ar6000/parameters/ you can change debug level for the driver with the debuglevel parameter.
Here is a link with information about the AR600X architecture, pointing to use ath6kl driver and a new firmware (I've done md5sum on the files on the phone, and on the new firmware and aren't the same files). Please note that AR6002 and AR6001 are not supported by this driver (ath6kl).


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