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vquicksilver -, 12/04/2011 04:12 PM
Added a note about wifi chipset/driver and a link.

Note on shipping libraries

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Note that we don't ship any proprietary daemon,library,configuration file or firmware.

Because we don't want to(our goal is to make a 100% free Android Distribution) and we can't(none of theses are redistributables, even the firmwares are not redistributable).

Libraries related with radio function (Phone related) ||Library name||Location|| ||||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib|| || ||/system/lib|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| Camera control and encoding libraries ||Library name||Location|| || ||/system/lib/|| || ||/system/lib/|| ||||/system/lib/|| Media libraries ||Library name||Location|| ||||/system/lib/|| ||||/system/lib/|| ||||/system/lib/|| ||||/system/lib/|| Bluetooth helpers ||Location||Function||what depend on it || ||/system/bin/hci_qcomm_init ||Bluetooth||?|| Wifi AR6002 firmware file location ||Firmware location||Function|| what depend on it || ||/system/etc/wifi/fw/athwlan.bin.z77||Wifi||AR6002 (cat /sys/module/ar6000/parameters/tgt_fw) || ||/system/etc/wifi/fw/data.patch.hw2_0.bin||Wifi||AR6002 (cat /sys/module/ar6000/parameters/tgt_patch) || ||/system/etc/wifi/fw/eeprom.bin||Wifi ||AR6002 (cat /sys/module/ar6000/parameters/eeprom_bin)||
Note: in /sys/module/ar6000/parameters/ you can change debug level for the driver with the debuglevel parameter.
Here is a [ link] with information about the AR600X arquitecture, pointing to use ar6kl driver and a new firmware (I've done md5sum on the files on the phone, and on the new firmware and aren't the same files). References

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