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Paul Kocialkowski, 02/05/2012 09:52 AM

Google Apps Free Replacements

Here is a list of FLOSS replacements for the non-free apps that are part of the Google experience. Note that these are not part of Android itself.

Google app FLOSS replacement License Website Installed in Replicant Available in FDroid?
Android Market FDroid GPLv2+ Yes Yes
GMail Android Mail Apache 2 Yes No
GMail K9 Apache 2 No Yes
Google Maps OsmAnd GPLv3 No Yes
Google Maps gvSIG Mini Maps GPLv2 No Yes
Google Maps OsmDroid LGPL No Yes
Google Maps Navit GPLv2 No Yes
Google Talk CSipsimple (SIP) GPLv3 No Yes
Google Talk Sipdroid (SIP) GPLv3 No Yes
Google Talk Linphone (SIP) GPLv2+ No Yes
Google Talk Beem (XMPP) GPLv3+ No Yes
Google Talk Gibber (XMPP) Apache 2 No No
YouTube YouTube mobile website Not an app Yes No

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