Proposed Logos

Graziano proposed this logo of a rollerskating android for Replicant, signifying what a carefree, freedom-loving Replicant looks like.

aaronw counterproposes this logo. aaronw's logo is an Android dressed as Pris, a replicant from the movie Bladerunner. In the movie, Pris is a replicant built by the huge, sinister Tyrell corporation. Tyrell has built an army of androids for a life of servitude: hard out-colony labor, combat, and prostitution. Pris, a "pleasure" model, falls in with a small band of renegade replicants which has escaped the colonies and traveled to Earth, seeking freedom. Hunted by a society that misunderstands her, and betrayed by the company that made her, Pris kicks a whole bunch of ass before ultimately dying for her cause.

aaronw proposes this banner for the Replicant project's Trac site.

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