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Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli, 03/28/2019 03:14 PM
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Porting Replicant to Android 9


  • The Galaxy SIII 4G (i9305) boots (with graphics hacks) under AOSP9, without having to import nonfree libraries. Not much has been validated beside that.
  • The kernel used is based on Linux 5.0-rc6 and has ~150 Android specific patches on top and some patches for the Galaxy SIII 4G (i9305) on top

Repositories and changes

  • git://
  • git://
  • git://


First get the source code:

$ repo init -u git:// -b android-9.0.0

For Trisquel8 (WIP):

sudo apt-get install git-core gnupg flex bison gperf build-essential zip curl zlib1g-dev gcc-multilib g++-multilib libc6-dev-i386 lib32ncurses5-dev x11proto-core-dev libx11-dev lib32z-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libxml2-utils xsltproc unzip bc python-mako

Then see the device/putti/i9305/ for the build instructions.


Task Time estimation Comments
Boot a device under AOSP9 DONE Only boots with graphics, not much more
Build it under a FSDG compliant distribution like Trisquel8 7h WIP for AOSP, It's difficult to do precise time estimations as it could work out of the box or require one full time month of work depending on how much issues are encountered
* port the changes from AOSP9 to LineageOS 16
* cleanup the code
* build the kernel from the Android build system
* make sure it builds with an FSDG compliant distribution
* document the build procedure
find, remove and document proprietary software in LineageOS 16 7h
find, remove and document privacy issues in LineageOS 16 21h
port the sensors libraries and other device specific libraries 35h
add support for Audio 35h Might be way faster, depending on what Android 9 uses
add support for the i9300 and factorize the code with i9305 8h
port the touch keys linux driver 7h
port the flash led linux driver 7h
port libsamsung-ril and libsamsung-ipc to Android 9 libsamsung-ipc should be trivial, libsamsung-ril probably needs to be adapted to Trebble or the new RIL interfaces
* port and cleanup the the i9300 modem linux driver from 4.16 to 5.0
* Make the modem driver and libsamsung-ipc work together
add internal WiFi support and validate the functionality 6h
add external WiFi dongles suppor 20h External dongles support might be tricky
Rebrand LineageOS as Replicant
Create a recovery
Create install and upgrade instructions
Reduce the attack surface
add in-system upgrades
Add support for smartphones that were supported in Replicant 4.2 and 6.0 if they meet the HardwareRequirements:
Device Time estimation Comments
Galaxy Note II (N7100) Similar to the Galaxy SIII (I9300)
Galaxy Note 8.0 (N5100) and 8.0 WiFi (N5110)
Galaxy S II (i9100) linux: devboard dts upstream? unknown status
Galaxy Note (N7000) unknown linux upstream status
Galaxy Nexus (I9250) OMAP4, no dts upsrteam
Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P3100), 7.0 WiFi (P3110), 10.1 (P5100), 10.1 WiFi (P5110)
GTA04 >= A4 TODO: a RIL needs to be written, userspace GPS support is missing, audio scenarios, etc

Replicant 6.0 changes

Repository path rebase worked Changes
build No
manifest No N/A
bootable/recovery Yes * UI changes to improve usability
* Branding
* Small fix(es)
external/boringssl Yes * Small fix(es)
external/heimdall No
frameworks/av Yes * Software rendering fix(es)
frameworks/base Yes * WiFi fixe(s) for external dongles
* Software rendering fix(es)
* Privacy fix(es)
* Security improvements
* Usability improvements
frameworks/native No
hardware/broadcom/wlan Yes * Remove nonfree software
hardware/libhardware Yes * Software rendering fix(es)
hardware/libhardware_legacy Yes * Don't depend on nonfree software
hardware/ti/omap4 Yes * Remove nonfree software
* Don't depend on nonfree software
* Small fix(es)
libcore Yes * Small fix(es)
packages/apps/Browser Yes * Privacy fix(es)
* Branding
* Small fix(es)
packages/apps/LegacyCamera Yes * Software rendering fix(es)
* Small fix(es)
packages/apps/RepWifi Not upstreamed, obsolete N/A
packages/apps/ReplicantWallpapers Not upstreamed * Branding
packages/apps/Settings No
packages/apps/SetupWizard Yes * Privacy fix(es)
* Don't depend on nonfree software
* Branding
packages/apps/ThemeChooser Yes * Privacy fix(es) ?
* Don't depend on nonfree software ?
packages/providers/ContactsProvider Yes * Small fix(es)
system/core Yes * Branding
* various fixes
vendor/replicant No
vendor/cmsdk Yes * Branding
external/chromium-webview ? ?
external/drm_gralloc Yes * Software rendering fix(es)
external/llvm Yes * Software rendering fix(es)
external/mesa3d Yes * Software rendering fix(es)
* Performance debugging for software rendering
external/parameter-framework Yes * Small fix(es)
external/protobuf N/A No changes
prebuilts/ndk ? ?
prebuilts/sdk ? ?
sdk Yes * Small fix(es)
toolchain/src/binutils Yes * Small fix(es)
toolchain/src/gcc No
toolchain/src/jack Yes * Small fix(es)
toolchain/src/jill Yes * Small fix(es)
kernel/samsung/smdk4412 Yes * Security fixes
* Privacy Fixes (TrustZone)
* Don't depend on nonfree software
* Remove nonfree software
* Small fix(es)
device/samsung/i9100 No * Replace nonfree software by free software
* free software sensors implementation(s)
* free software modem audio implementation(s)
* Software rendering fix(es)
* Privacy Fixes (TrustZone)
* Don't depend on nonfree software
* Remove nonfree software
* Branding
* Small fix(es)
device/samsung/n7000 Yes
device/samsung/i9300 No
device/samsung/i9305 No
device/samsung/n7100 Yes
device/samsung/n5100 Yes
device/samsung/n5110 Yes
device/samsung/maguro Yes
device/samsung/tuna Yes
device/samsung/espressowifi Yes
device/samsung/espresso3g Yes
device/samsung/galaxys2-common Yes
device/samsung/smdk4412-common No
device/samsung/kona-common Yes
hardware/ril/samsung-ril Not upstreamed N/A
external/libsamsung-ipc Not upstreamed N/A
hardware/tinyalsa-audio Not upstreamed? N/A


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