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Wolfgang Wiedmeyer, 03/20/2017 02:14 pm
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Updated wiki pages for Replicant 6.0

A few wiki pages need to be updated for Replicant 6.0 and updating these pages would overwrite information for the current release Replicant 4.2. Such pages are listed on this page. The workflow for updating a page is as follows:

  1. Copy/paste the page content of the page that needs updates to a new page with the same name plus the prefix "Replicant60".
  2. Save the paste as first edit.
  3. Do the necessary updates.
  4. Link the page on this page under the same menu entry as on the wiki index.

After the release of Replicant 6.0, the original pages can be overwritten with the pages linked below and all pages with the prefix "Replicant60" can be deleted.


  • Add a usage page for the wifi dongles
  • Clarify on the ADB page that enabling ADB in the developer settings is required and for root access root needs to be enabled in the developer settings.
  • Create a page about the software rendering situation and include instructions to enable llvmpipe
  • Update UsageNotes: add instructions how root access can be enabled, best practices for encrypting the device some notes about barcode scanning and how videos can be viewed with VLC

Supported devices

Maintained devices

Replicant installation

Replicant usage

Replicant build

Contributing to Replicant

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