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Users agreements


Mean of communication:
Proof: By editing this page and adding himself here.


Mean of communication: private mail

On Mon, 2011-02-28 at 00:25 +0100, Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli wrote:
> Hi,
> I discovered that the wiki has no license.
> I propose choosing the same license than wikipedia:
> What do you think?

No complaints. Consider my stuff relicensed (users "Broam" or "Benanov",
I tend to use them interchangably).


Mean of communication: Replicant IRC channel

Mar 30 23:18:05 <GNUtoo>    hi johnsu01 did you agree for cc-by-sa?
Mar 30 23:18:11 <GNUtoo>    I can't find the agreement
Mar 30 23:18:24 <GNUtoo>    (relicense your wiki edits to cc-by-sa)
Mar 30 23:18:25 <johnsu01>    GNUtoo: I did in the channel, do I need to put it somewhere else?
Mar 30 23:18:34 <GNUtoo>    no need 
Mar 30 23:18:51 <johnsu01>    okay


Mean of communication: Replicant IRC channel

Feb 28 22:46:41 *       aaronw (~aaronw@2001:470:8a52:67:216:d3ff:fe35:aa9f) has joined #replicant
Feb 28 22:47:03 <GNUtoo|laptop> aaronw, hi
Feb 28 22:47:09 <aaronw>        hi GNUtoo|laptop
Feb 28 22:47:15 <GNUtoo|laptop> aaronw, 2 things:
Feb 28 22:47:27 <GNUtoo|laptop> *)we've got phone calls working in US but not DATA yet
Feb 28 22:47:48 <aaronw>        great!
Feb 28 22:47:48 <GNUtoo|laptop> *)we've a *little* cough....problem with the wiki....
Feb 28 22:47:58 <GNUtoo|laptop> no license was added at the beginning
Feb 28 22:48:06 <GNUtoo|laptop> so I'm seeking for everybody's agreement
Feb 28 22:48:20 <aaronw>        Right, ok
Feb 28 22:48:23 <GNUtoo|laptop> everybody seem to want CC-BY-SA
Feb 28 22:48:28 <GNUtoo|laptop> I'm ok with it
Feb 28 22:48:30 <aaronw>        Sounds good to me.
Feb 28 22:48:34 <GNUtoo|laptop> there is a mail thread about it
Feb 28 22:48:34 <aaronw>        I agree.
Feb 28 22:48:37 <GNUtoo|laptop> ok thanks


Mean of communication: Replicant IRC channel

Mar 31 13:46:35 <GNUtoo>    hi graziano 
Mar 31 13:46:59 <GNUtoo>    did you already accept the relicensing of your replicant wiki editions to cc-by-sa? 
Mar 31 13:47:57 <graziano>    I think I did it here on IRC, do you need me to do something else?
Mar 31 13:49:00 <graziano>    I am Graziano Sorbaioli, "graziano" on the Replicant wiki and I accept the relicensing of all my replicant wiki editions to cc-by-sa
Mar 31 13:50:03 <GNUtoo>    ok thianks


Mean of communication: Replicant IRC channel

Mar 31 21:22:17 <GNUtoo>    laga, hi
Mar 31 21:22:22 <GNUtoo>    1)how
Mar 31 21:22:39 <GNUtoo>    2) did you agree to relicenses your replicant wiki edits under cc-by-sa?
Mar 31 21:22:45 <Broam>
Mar 31 21:22:48 <laga>    no
Mar 31 21:22:53 <laga>    2) how do i do that
Mar 31 21:23:15 <GNUtoo>    just tell here that you agree or add yourself to the agree wiki page
Mar 31 21:23:20 <laga>    i agree
Mar 31 21:23:24 <GNUtoo>    ok thanks

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