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Developer Guide

These are guidelines that should be followed when doing Replicant development.


When working with Replicant repos, make sure to avoid breaking things. For instance, if you push a commit introducing a compilation error, it will break the whole build process.
It is better to create separate branches (that are not used by the official manifest branches) when your work is still in progress.
Creating branches that add debug infos on a particular topic is usually a good idea since it will save you time next time you want to debug the same component.

When creating a repository

In order to keep repo naming consistent, please name repositories by their name on the tree, replacing the / by _.
For instance, when forking the CyanogenMod repo: android_device_samsung_crespo, rename it to device_samsung_crespo on the Replicant repos.
This creates a more consistent way of naming repositories and makes it easier when pushing: just look at the location in the source tree and replace / by _.

When creating a branch

Official replicant branches are named the following way:
  • The replicant- prefix
  • The Replicant version

Such as: replicant-2.3 This should be used on the projects repositories as well as the manifest repository.
Any other branch should be considered as Work In Progress (WIP) and thus not be part of any official branch of the manifest.

There is although one exception, with the master branch, that can be used by any project and be in any manifest given that the code held in the master branch will work on any Replicant version.

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