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Not all the devices in this pages are supported by Replicant.

However it's still useful to keep track of some devices characteristics and information for various reasons.

Vendor Product Formfactor
Asus Nexus 7 (2012) Tablet
Goldelico GTA04 Smartphone
Hardkernel Odroid U3 Devboard
LG OptimusBlack Smartphone
Necunos Necuno_NX_1 PDA
Pine64 Pinephone Smartphone
Purism Librem5 Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone
Galaxy S II Smartphone
Galaxy S III Smartphone
Galaxy Note Smartphone
Galaxy Note II Smartphone
Galaxy Nexus Smartphone
Galaxy Tab Tablet
Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet
Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet
Nexus S Smartphone


This page lists device pages which in turn point to the different variant or versions of the device.

Example of Device: Galaxy SIII
Example of Device variant: Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300)


  • Merge the Exynos4412Devices with the device pages here, and make it point to the various devices.
  • Migrate to Mediawiki and include the devices pages in Exynos4412Devices
  • Migrate to Semantic Mediawiki and/or include wikidata in Mediawiki and generate all that information from wikidata dumps.

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