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Paul Kocialkowski, 02/29/2012 02:52 PM

HTC Dream/HTC Magic

Device HTC Dream/HTC Magic
Manufacturer Google/HTC
Codename dream_sapphire
Ships with root ADP1: yes, others: no
Root possible Yes, replacing the bootloader
SIM Unlocked Possible
In production No
Replicant status Supported
Developers involved GNUtoo, PaulK
Replicant version Replicant 2.2
Last image Replicant 2.2 preview 0009

Replicant status

Replicant status on HTC Dream/HTC Magic: ReplicantStatus

Known freedom issues:
  • Proprietary bootloader
  • Modem firmware is non-free and there is no free alternative
  • The modem controls sound, GPS, main CPU memory (read/write)

Installation guide

Installation guide for HTC Dream/HTC Magic: HTCDreamHTCMagicInstall

Build guide

Build guide for HTC Dream: HTCDreamBuild
Build guide for HTC Magic: HTCMagicBuild

Technical infos

  • List of the proprietary libraries, binaries and firmwares shipped on HTC Dream/HTC Magic and the status of their replacement: HTCDreamHTCMagicProprietary

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