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Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli, 12/21/2019 09:59 PM



F-Droid will be removed in Replicant 4.0 0004 because it contains many applications that are not FSDG compliant.

Fixing F-droid

As Replicant cannot guarantee to have enough time to dedicate to create an alternate repository, it was decided to do the following.
  • Someone will need to add some the ability to filter out packages at compile time. This can be done by adding support with a whitelist and a blacklist, for both anti-features and specific applications. That will need to be upstreamed in f-droid.
  • If needed an fsdg-compliant and not-fsdg compliant flags feature/anti-feature will neeed to be added.
  • Once this is done we can add a new package definition for an FSDG compliant F-droid in f-droid data, so it would be built and maintained automatically.
  • Replicant would then include that FSDG compliant f-droid.

The only maintenance burden here would be to work with upstream to make sure that the packages are tagged correctly in f-droid data.

In the meantime...

Without an upstream project, each Replicant user would need do the work of reviewing each application she want to use.

As this is very time consuming and would lead to a lot of work duplication, it's best for Replicant to provide some space to share the result of the reviews.

At the same time the reviews would also be tremendously useful to help fixing f-droid data.

FSDG compliant

Application and version Download link Review
RepWiFi FSDG compliant

Not compliant

Application upstream anti-features Issues Upstream status
Yalp * NonFreeNet Yalp is a package manager that is setup to download applications from a repository that is not FSDG compliant * There is no automatic way to deduce that it's not FSDG compliant
* NonFreeNet is only about non-Free network service and not the license of the packages in the repository
  • Look at the emulators
  • Look at the browsers
  • Try to automatically find non compliant applications with a script and upstream the script in Replicant scripts repository or in the f-droid project


  • Evaluate if we should collaborate or not with the Libreplanet wiki on the List of software that does not respect the Free System Distribution Guidelines page for the list of applications to get rid of. Note that they target mainly GNU/Linux so it might not make sense to collaborate with them as most of the applications are very different.
  • Evalutate if we should collaborate with the Parabola wiki on the Emulator licensing issues page as there are also emulators in F-droid, some of which might be port from software that is also typically packaged in many GNU/Linux distributions.
  • Find time to discuss with F-droid to see if they can fix the issue. Otherwise find time to work on it.

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