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h1. Fastboot Installation 

 *Warning: flashing another operating system like Replicant may void your warranty and will erase the data stored on the device.* 

 This guide assumes your phone is supported by fastboot. 

 h2. Download the files 

 * Refer to your device page to find a link to the latest images (*Last images* part of the table). 
 * Download the images *and the md5 checksum* 
 * Download fastboot from the latest images @tools@ directory (it is a prebuilt x86 binary for GNU/Linux). Note that you can still use this binary on a system with different hardware architecture as long as you have 32-bit version of needed libraries installed. It is known to work with 32-bit version of GNU C Library and legacy GNU Standard C++ Library version 3 installed.  
 * Make sure fastboot is executable: 
 chmod a+x fastboot 
 * System permissions are needed to access the device with fastboot. You will see it stops on '<waiting for device>' message when you are missing permissions while flashing. Unless you are going to use root account for running fastboot you will need to setup udev rules and add your user to plugdev group. 

 h2. Key combinations for fastboot mode 

 | *Device* | *Keys (held together)* | 
 | *HTC Dream/HTC Magic* | BACK, POWER | 
 | *Nexus One* | Trackball, POWER | 
 | *Nexus S* | VOL+, POWER | 
 | *Galaxy Nexus* | VOL-, VOL+, POWER | 

 h2. Flash the images 

 # Flash the images using fastboot: 
 ./fastboot flash boot boot.img 
 ./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img 
 ./fastboot flash system system.img 
 ./fastboot flash userdata userdata.img 
 # Clear cache: 
 ./fastboot erase cache 
 # Reboot: 
 ./fastboot reboot 

 *Your device should now be running Replicant!*