Fastboot Installation

Warning: flashing another operating system like Replicant may void your warranty and will erase the data stored on the device.

This guide assumes your phone is supported by fastboot.

Download the files

Key combinations for fastboot mode

Device Keys (held together)
Nexus One Trackball, POWER
Galaxy Nexus VOL-, VOL+, POWER

Prepare the phone

  1. Turn the phone off, disconnect any USB cable
  2. Hold the key combination for fastboot mode (release only when in fastboot mode)
  3. You should be in fastboot mode. If not, remove the battery and retry the steps above
  4. Once the fastboot screen is waiting, plug the USB cable

Unlocking the bootloader

If this is the first time you reflash your phone, you will need to unlock the bootloader. This is done using fastboot:

./fastboot oem unlock

Warning: This will erase all the data stored on the phone, including the data stored on the internal memory!

Flash the images

  1. Flash the images using fastboot:
    ./fastboot flash boot boot.img
    ./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    ./fastboot flash system system.img
    ./fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
  2. Clear cache:
    ./fastboot erase cache
  3. Reboot:
    ./fastboot reboot

Your device should now be running Replicant!