Song from FOSDEM 2020

The origin of the song comes from Fil Bergamo, who also has a melody associated with it.

The idea is to enable people to modify the song on this wiki page, to fix it, improve it, complete it, etc.

Through the valley of buggy code,
Up to the hill where the kernel <>
We've walked a long way
we've built for hours
just to boot a mobile phone.

Missing features is not our creed
it's just the way it turns to be
when we reject
when we refuse
to give away our all liberty

Play at FOSDEM 2020

GNUtoo wanted to have a play part for his "Extending the lifetime of smartphones with Replicant, a fully free Android distribution" at the 36C3, but it didn't work out (too long, the end was too boring, and it was unfinished).

Thanks to the huge interest from dllud and GrimKriegor, he picked up and manage to finish it 2 or 3 minutes before his talk at the FOSDEM 2020.

So it was presented during the talk on sustainability at the FOSDEM 2020. Note that the begining of the talk looks like a regular presentation, but at some point the play begins, and at the end of the play, the regular presentations continue.

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