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Paul Kocialkowski, 08/01/2012 03:34 PM

GTA04 Installation

Installing for µSD card storage

Once Replicant systemtarball and bootimage for GTA04 are ready, you can start the install procedure.

Getting the install script

To make it easier to install Replicant on GTA04, you can use the install script:
It should be shipped with Replicant images or copied in out/target/product/gta04/ during the build process.
If you cannot find the script, download the latest version from gitorious:

Installing the kernel

You have to write the kernel at the correct location where u-boot will read it.
Replicant may provide a boot.scr file in the future, allowing to chose between NAND and uSD kernel location.

Installing the system

Follow usage:

Usage: ./ [DRIVE] [SYSTEM]

- The [DRIVE] argument can be omitted
- The [SYSTEM] argument must be a tar archive

For instance: ./ system.tar

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