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Paul Kocialkowski, 08/15/2012 11:59 AM

GTA04 Installation

Installing for µSD card storage

What you need is a microSD card that is at least 1Gio. Note that this document refers to the microSD card as sdcard.

Make sure you have downloaded all the required files to install Replicant on sdcard:
  • bootloader.img
  • boot.scr
  • boot.img
  • system.tar.bz2

Getting the install script

To make it easier to install Replicant on GTA04, you can use the install script:
It should be shipped with Replicant images or copied in out/target/product/gta04/ during the build process.
If you cannot find the script, download the latest version from gitorious:

Usage: ./ [TYPE] [DRIVE]

- The [TYPE] argument can either be:
  * "install" to create an install sdcard
  * "system" to create a system sdcard
- The [DRIVE] argument is the sdcard drive node and can be omitted

The following files must be present in the directory where you run the script:
* bootloader.img boot.scr boot.img (install)
* system.tar.bz2 (system)

Creating an install sdcard

The install sdcard will flash the bootloader, the boot instructions and the kernel to the GTA04 NAND flash.
Make sure that the following files are in the directory where you run the script: bootloader.img boot.scr boot.img

Process that way:

./ install

If you know what the sdcard drive is, you can also specify it explicitly:

./ install /dev/sde

The script will then format the sdcard and copy the files. Once it has completed with success (Your drive is now ready to be used!), put the sdcard in the phone and boot.
It will flash the files to the GTA04 NAND flash.

The AUX (top left) led indicates the status:

Led color Status
Orange Flashing
Yellow Completed
Red Error

If flashing failed, you might need to get a serial cable to investigate what's going on.

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