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Paul Kocialkowski, 05/06/2014 05:01 PM

GTA04 Status

Replicant userspace status

Major features:
  • Recovery: working
  • Installation script: working
  • Graphics: working
  • Lights: working
  • Vibrator: working
  • Audio: working, except headset detection, bluetooth and audio profile
  • Telephony: missing
  • Mobile data: missing
  • Wi-Fi: missing
  • Bluetooth: missing
  • GPS: working
  • Sensors: missing
  • Camera: missing
Minor features:
  • Buttons: working
  • Splash screen: working
  • Storage emulation: working
  • MTP: working
  • UI adaptation: working: software buttons, no typing suggestions, volume tile, missing: power profile
  • External storage: working
  • Encryption: working
  • SELinux: missing
Further less important missing features:
  • Graphics speedup with omapfb and hwcomposer
  • Power module

Replicant kernel status

Missing features:
  • Continuous splash screen from bootloader to Android
  • Android-way headset detection
Broken features:
  • Alarm (RTC clock wakeup)

Multi-device support

So far, only the GTA04A4 board is supported (GTA04A3 should work as well). Other variants such as the Letux 7004 or Letux 3704 are not supported.

In the long run, all the different variants should be supported equally under the same device codename: gta04. Specific bootloaders and kernels might be shipped, along with a common userspace.

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