Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250)

Created with Android Asset Studio, CC BY 3.0 Device Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250)
Manufacturer Google/Samsung
Release date November 2011
Codename maguro
Status Maintained
Variants GSM: GT-I9250
Latest images Replicant 6.0 0003

Replicant status

Replicant status for the Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250): ReplicantStatus Replicant 6.0

Replicant installation

To install Replicant on the Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250), see the RecoveryInstallationWithHeimdall and MinorVersionUpgrade wiki pages.

Replicant build

Replicant build for the Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250): GalaxyNexusI9250Build

Replicant development

Freedom and privacy/security issues

Privacy/security issues on the Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250): GalaxyNexusI9250PrivacySecurityIssues


OMAP4 Ducati camera

Hardware table

Component Name Source Status
SoC TI OMAP 4460 Linux kernel Linux kernel support
GPU PowerVR SGX540 Linux kernel support, proprietary userspace
Audio Codec TWL6040 Linux kernel, ifixit Linux kernel support (ALSA)
Power management chip Linux kernel support
Modem XMM6260 Linux kernel Free userspace implementation: Samsung-RIL/libsamsung-ipc
Wi-Fi BCM4330 Linux kernel Linux kernel support, proprietary loaded firmware
NFC PN544 Android userspace Linux kernel support
GPS GSD4t Android userspace Proprietary userspace, no free implementation: GSD4t
Accelerometer BMA250 Linux kernel Linux kernel support, free userspace
Compass YAS530 Kernel sources Linux kernel support, free userspace

In an Ifixit teardown of the device the Step 12 we can see the following comments: "Samsung KMVYL000LM Multichip Memory Package, which we believe to house 512 MB of RAM in addition to the main processor." While the device has 1G of RAM, the SOC is probably in this chip package through techniques like package on package or using wire bonding to put different chips together in a single package.

Software configuration

The booloader of this device have two software interface to load code:
  • The Fastboot interface can be used after holding the volume-down, volume-up and power key combination while powering up the device.
  • The Heimdall/odin interface can be used after holding the volume-down and power key combination while powering up the device.

See GalaxyNexusI9250Pit for PIT partition table.


PIT Linux name mount point partition type block device Description
system /system ext4 mmcblk0p10 system partition
boot None bootimage (mkbootimg) mmcblk0p7 boot.img partition
recovery None bootimage (mkbootimg) mmcblk0p8 recovery partition
userdata /data ext4 mmcblk0p12 data partition
efs /factory ext4 mmcblk0p3 modem data partition (content)

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