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h1. Galaxy Note 2 4G (N7105) 


 |/9. !! !galaxynote2.png! | *Device* | Galaxy Note 2 4G (N7105) | 
 | *Manufacturer* | Samsung | 
 | *Release date* | TODO | 
 | *Codename* | @n7105@ | 
 | *Status* | TODO | 
 |/2. *Maintainer(s)* | None | 
 | | 
 | *Supported models* | TODO | 
 | *Latest images* |None | 

 h2. Replicant status 

 While that device is Very similar to the [[GalaxyNote2N7100|Galaxy Note II (N7100)]], some peripherals are wired differently on the two boards, and the two boards have different cellular modems. 

 h3. Replicant 6.0 

 To get partially supported by Replicant 6.0 we can either: 
 * validate that the device boots with the N7100 images. The downside is that the images would have support for libsamsung-ipc that could probably be disabled after boot, but it would make the installation instructions more complicated than they should be. 
 * Building images for it without libsamsung-ipc. That would be better. Ideally we could also look if the ofono ril has some support for its modem and the one for the Galaxy SIII 4G (I9305). 

 h3. For Replicant 9 

 As it uses the same dts as the N7100, it might just be possible to make an image without modem support for it, however the n7100 also need to be added in Replicant 9, which requires to port (and upstream!) some display drivers. 

 h2. Replicant installation 

 * TODO: Verify if we can install Replicant it 

 h2. Replicant usage 

 * TODO: Verify if we also have the same compass calibration than with the Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) ([[GalaxyNote2N7100CompassCalibration]]) 

 h2. Replicant build 


 h2. Replicant development 

 * See the the [[UART]] page for the information on how to get a very early boot console. 

 h2. Research 

 h3. Hardware table 

 |_. Component |_. Name |_. Source |_. Status | 
 | SoC | Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad | "wikipedia": |    Linux kernel support | 

 TODO: complete this hardware table 

 h3. Software Configuration 

 |_. Component |_. Name |_. data |_. Status | 
 | Bootloader interface | ? | ? | supported by heimdall | 

 * [[GalaxyNote2N7105Pit]]: Galaxy Note 2 (N7105) PIT (a partition table) 
 * system fstab: TODO 
 * recovery fstab: TODO 

 h4. Partitions 


 h2. Freedom and privacy/security issues 

 Freedom issues on the Galaxy Note II 4G (N7105): 
 * Proprietary hardware 
 * Proprietary firmwares, some of which have to be loaded by the system:    [[GalaxyNote2N7105LoadedFirmwares]] 
 * Proprietary modem system 
 * Proprietary bootrom 
 * Proprietary and signed bootloader: [[GalaxyNote2N7105Bootloader]] 

 Privacy/security issues on the Galaxy Note II 5G (N7105): [[GalaxyNote2N7105PrivacySecurityIssues]]