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Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx)

Device Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx)
Manufacturer Samsung
Release date April 2013
Codename n5100 (GSM), n5110 (Wi-Fi)
Status Maintained
Maintainer(s) Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
Supported models GSM: N5100, Wi-Fi: N5110
Latest images Replicant 6.0 0003

Replicant status

Replicant status for the Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx): ReplicantStatus Replicant 6.0

Replicant installation

Replicant installation for the Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx): GalaxyNote80N51xxInstallation

Replicant usage

Replicant build

Replicant build for the Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx): GalaxyNote80N51xxBuild

Replicant development

LineageOS/CyanogenMod port Flash method SoC Graphics Sound Modem Camera GPS Sensors
CM 14.1 (Android 7.1) Heimdall Exynos 4412 Free gralloc, hwcomposer, non-free 3d Free module Samsung IPC, XMM6262 Free module BCM4751: secret protocol Partly free module

Freedom and privacy/security issues

Freedom issues on the Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx):

Privacy/security issues on the Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx): GalaxyNote80N51xxPrivacySecurityIssues

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