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Galaxy S

Device Galaxy S
Manufacturer Samsung
Codename galaxysmtd
Ships with root No
Root possible Yes
SIM Unlocked Possible
In production Yes
Replicant status Supported, GSM flavour
Developers involved PaulK
Replicant version Replicant 4.0
Last image Replicant 4.0 0002

Replicant status

Replicant status on Galaxy S: ReplicantStatus

Known freedom issues:
  • Proprietary bootloader
  • Modem, WiFi and Bluetooth firmwares are non-free
  • Modem could spy on the main CPU, the issue is beeing investigated in the SamsungModemIssues page

Installation guide

Installation guide for the Galaxy S: GalaxySInstallation

Build guide

Build guide for the Galaxy S: GalaxySBuild

Technical infos

  • For a technical overview of Nexus S and a rationale explaining what makes it a better freedom-compliant device, see S5PC110TechnicalOverview
  • For Documentation on the preliminary work for freeing its bootloader: S5PC110Bootloader
  • Status of the Samsung-RIL modem implementation: Samsung-RIL
  • Status of the Broadcom 4751 GPS chip implementation: BCM4751

Hardware table

Component Name Source Protocol/implementation
SoC Samsung S5PC110/S5PV210 Linux kernel Linux kernel
GPU PowerVR SGX540 Linux kernel and secret userspace
Audio Codec WM8994 Linux kernel Linux kernel ALSA driver
Modem XMM 6160 XDA-Developers Secret protocol: Samsung-IPC, implemented in libsamsung-ipc and samsung-ril
WiFi BCM4329 Linux kernel implemented in WiFi driver
Bluetooth BCM4329 Linux kernel implemented in Bluetooth driver
GPS BCM4751 MEIF, Unknown
Accelerometer SMB380 Android module Linux kernel, Android module
Compass MS3C Android module Linux kernel, Android module
Camera S5KA3DFX/CE147 Linux kernel Linux kernel, FIMC, V4l2
FM Radio SI4709 Linux kernel Linux kernel

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