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Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli, 02/03/2020 01:01 AM


Various IRC logs of research on it.

01:56 <@GNUtoo> Did LineageOS or Cyanogenmod support it at some point?
01:57 < hpagseddy[m]> Cyanogenmod untill 13.0
01:57 < hpagseddy[m]> Omnirom 4.4 and 5.0.2
01:57 <@GNUtoo> ok, that explains why LineageOS has some stuff on it but nothing on the wiki
01:57 < hpagseddy[m]> thats all i remember and tested
01:57 < sensiblemn> is power vr gpu any better or worse than mali400 when it comes to 2D acceleration? seems worse when it comes to 3d acceleration due to 
                    lack of lima project stuff.
01:58 < hpagseddy[m]> GNUtoo: yeah they just forked it and it just stays there
01:58 < sensiblemn>

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