Galaxy Tab 2 (Px1xx) Build

This page explains how to build Replicant for the Galaxy Tab 2 models.


Before building, you must make sure that:


Do not build as root, always build as user.

See the build tips if you are facing issues.


All of the following build commands need to be run in the source tree root folder.

First, the toolchain needs to be built for replicant 6:


If you have executed any of the commands below and you want to run the toolchain build again, you will need to open a new shell.

Then, prepare the shell environment for the Replicant build:

GSM model (P3100 and P5100)

. build/
lunch replicant_espresso3g-userdebug

Wi-Fi-only model (P3110 and P5110)

. build/
lunch replicant_espressowifi-userdebug

Now you can start the build:

parallel_tasks=$(echo "$(grep 'processor' /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l ) + 1" | bc)
make -j$parallel_tasks bacon

The -jn argument indicates the number of parallel tasks during the build. You can remove it from the command line to have only one task at a time.
$parallel_tasks holds an optimized number of parallel tasks for your hardware. You may want to reduce this number if e.g. the computer runs out of RAM during the build.

Finally, sign the resulting images for replicant 6:

GSM model (P3100 and P5100)

./vendor/replicant/sign-build espresso3g

Wi-Fi-only model (P3110 and P5110)

./vendor/replicant/sign-build espressowifi

The first time you run the script, it will ask you a few questions that are needed to generate the necessary signing keys.

Output files

The produced files are located at: