HTC Dream/HTC Magic Proprietary

This is the list of the proprietary libraries, binaries and firmwares shipped with Cyanogenmod or the factory images on HTC Dream/HTC Magic and the status of their replacement.

Note on shipping non-free programs

Note that we don't ship any proprietary binary, library or firmware.
First because our goal is to reach a 100% free Android distribution and also because sometimes, these are not even distributable.


Library location Function Can be replaced or avoided?
/system/bin/akmd compas+accelerometers sliding the keyboard can rotate so we can avoid them for now(revere engineering has started but it's not usable yet)
/system/lib/egl/ 3d acceleration library can be avoided
/system/lib/ the name seem related to audio audio libraries are replaced and works fine
/system/lib/ camera library we don't use the camera for now(would need to be replaced if we want to use it)
/system/lib/ camera library we don't use the camera for now(would need to be replaced if we want to use it)
/system/lib/ gps parsing and activator library a free android lib is used and it works (but sometimes crashes the device)
/system/lib/ dlopened audio library totally replaced, the replacement works fine
/system/lib/ Radio Interface library Work in progress,calls,sms works, USSD,PIN,data(3g) need to be checked in. It should work as well in the US but needs to be checked
/system/lib/ ?
/system/lib/ ?
/system/lib/ ?
/system/lib/ ?
/system/lib/ ?
/system/lib/ ?
/system/lib/ ?
/system/lib/ ?
/system/lib/ ?

Configuration files

File location Function What depends on it?
/system/etc/AudioFilter.csv ? ?, proprietary version not used
/system/etc/AudioPara4.csv contains audio values that are written to MSM shared memory used by libhtc_acoustic (and its free replacement), enables in-call volume adjustment and fixes audio lacks.
/system/etc/AudioPreProcess.csv ? ?, proprietary version not used
/system/etc/pvasflocal.cfg ? ?, proprietary version not used


Firmware location Function What depends on it?
/system/etc/firmware/brf6300.bin bluetooth firmware bluetooth
/system/etc/wifi/Fw1251r1c.bin wifi firmware wifi


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