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Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli, 10/12/2019 12:25 AM



If you have installed Replicant a long time ago, you might not remember which exact Replicant version was on the phone.

Some information on the images can be found in Settings->About phone.

Some Replicant images don't clearly indicate which release they correspond to in "Settings->About phone".

However it is still possible find out by matching information like the build date and build number to the release with the data that is in the table below.


Device Image type Identification Replicant version
Galaxy S 3 (I9300) System * Kernel version: 3.0.101-replicant wolfi@machinist #1 Sun Dec 10 15:47:55 UTC 2017
* Build date: So 10. Dez 14:44:33 UTC 2017
* Build number: replicant_i9300-userdebug 6.0.1 MOI10E eng.wolfi.20171210.143631
Replicant 6.0 0003

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