Replicant status

For the status of individual devices and most problematic known issues, see DeviceStatus.

Applications that depend on 3D acceleration

Some applications are known not to work due to the lack of 3D acceleration but there aren't many.

We have some applications tests in GraphicsReplicant11 that reference some of them.

Applications that depend on hardware video decoding/encoding


There is a tool named scrcpy that is packaged in various GNU/Linux distributions (including Parabola) that is meant to enable people to control their Android devices from their laptop.

That tool depends on video encoding/decoding acceleration1 so it cannot work with Replicant 6.0 as None of the devices currently have that working.

Possible replacements:

Replacement Description TODO
RemoteKeyboard2 Control the keyboard we need to review it3
screencap4 Capture the the screen in a png

For RemoteKeyboard if you try it (for instance after reviewing the code), don't forget to add a password since its listen on



3 F-DroidAndApplications

4 is an example

Applications that depend on the stock Android OS


Xgoldmon is a tool to get modem logs and from that have what is being sent/received through the cellular interface in wireshark

For some devices (Galaxy Nexus), Xgoldmon works. For other devices we have extremely limited messages or no messages at all.

We didn't manage yet to find out what made the stock distribution work when Replicant or LineageOS don't work.

See XMMProtocolInterfaces for more details.

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