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h1. Replicant Wiki 


 p=. !replicant_banner_alpha.png! 

 Welcome to the Replicant wiki, which provides information about Replicant, supported devices and research about other mobile devices and platforms. 
 For more information about Replicant, head over to the "Replicant website": 

 You can help improving the wiki! Wiki editor privileges can be requested by [[Index#Contact|contacting the developers]]. A short description of the changes and additions you want to make is needed as part of the request. The [[DeveloperGuide#Wiki-guidelines|wiki guidelines]] should be followed. 

 *Unless specified otherwise, the information displayed in this wiki is only relevant to the latest Replicant version. Do not assume backwards compatibility of the instructions with old versions of Replicant.* 

 h2. Supported devices 

 h3. Maintained devices 

 * [[NexusSI902x|Nexus S (I902x)]] 
 * [[GalaxySI9000|Galaxy S (I9000)]] 
 * [[GalaxyS2I9100|Galaxy S 2 (I9100)]] 
 * [[GalaxyS3I9300|Galaxy S 3 (I9300)]] 
 * [[GalaxyNoteN7000|Galaxy Note (N7000)]] 
 * [[GalaxyNote2N7100|Galaxy Note 2 (N7100)]] 
 * [[GalaxyNexusI9250|Galaxy Nexus (I9250)]] 
 * [[GalaxyTab270P31xx|Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P31xx)]] 
 * [[GalaxyTab2101P51xx|Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P51xx)]] 
 * [[GalaxyNote80N51xx|Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx)]] 

 h3. Uncompleted devices 

 * [[GTA04|GTA04]] 
 * [[GalaxyS3I9305|Galaxy S 3 4G (I9305)]] 

 h3. Unmaintained devices 

 * [[DreamMagic|Dream/Magic]] 
 * [[NexusOne|Nexus One]] 

 h2. Replicant status 

 h3. Maintained versions 

 * [[ReplicantStatus#Replicant-60|Replicant 6.0 status]] 
 * [[ReplicantStatus#Replicant-42|Replicant 4.2 status]] 

 h3. Unmaintained versions 

 * [[ReplicantStatus#Replicant-40|Replicant 4.0 status]] 
 * [[ReplicantStatus#Replicant-23|Replicant 2.3 status]] 
 * [[ReplicantStatus#Replicant-22|Replicant 2.2 status]] 

 h2. Replicant installation and update 

 * [[ReplicantImages|Replicant images]] 
 * [[ReplicantSDK|Replicant SDK]] 

 * [[MinorVersionUpgrade|Minor version upgrade]]: How to upgrade to a new release from the same Replicant version (like from 6.0 0002 to 6.0 0003). 

 * [[NexusSI902xInstallation|Nexus S (I902x) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxySI9000Installation|Galaxy S (I9000) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyS2I9100Installation|Galaxy S 2 (I9100) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyNoteN7000Installation|Galaxy Note (N7000) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyNexusI9250Installation|Galaxy Nexus (I9250) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyTab2Px1xxInstallation|Galaxy Tab 2 (Px1xx) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyS3I9300Installation|Galaxy S 3 (I9300) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyNote2N7100Installation|Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyNote80N51xxInstallation|Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx) installation]] 

 * [[RecoveryInstallationWithHeimdall|Recovery installation with Heimdall]]: New 'generic' instructions to install (or upgrade) the recovery with Heimdall. Warning: experimental. 

 * [[GTA04Installation|GTA04 installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyS3I9305Installation|Galaxy S 3 4G (I9305) installation]] 

 * [[DreamMagicInstallation|Dream/Magic installation]] 
 * [[FastbootInstallation|Nexus One installation]] 

 h2. Replicant usage 

 * [[FDroid|F-Droid]] 
 * [[SDK|Software Development Kit (SDK)]] 

 * [[WifiAdapter|Enabling WiFi with an USB WiFi adapter]] 
 * [[ReplicantUSBNetworking|Replicant USB Networking]] 
 * [[Graphics|Graphics rendering on Replicant]] 
 * [[Screenshots|Taking screenshots]] 
 * [[ADB|Android Debug Bridge (ADB)]] 
 * [[SSH|OpenSSH]] 
 * [[ModemDisable|Deactivating the modem]] 
 * General-purpose [[UsageNotes|usage notes]] and tips 
 * [[Safe mode]]: How to enter Android's safe mode (useful for devices stuck in a boot loop). 

 See the [[Index#Supported-devices|device pages]] for device-specific usage information. 

 h2. Replicant build 

 * [[BuildDependenciesInstallation|Build dependencies installation]] 
 * [[ReplicantSourceCode|Replicant source code]] 

 * [[SDKBuild|SDK build]] 

 * [[NexusSI902xBuild|Nexus S (I902x) build]] 
 * [[GalaxySI9000Build|Galaxy S (I9000) build]] 
 * [[GalaxyS2I9100Build|Galaxy S 2 (I9100) build]] 
 * [[GalaxyNoteN7000Build|Galaxy Note (N7000) build]] 
 * [[GalaxyNexusI9250Build|Galaxy Nexus (I9250) build]] 
 * [[GalaxyTab2Px1xxBuild|Galaxy Tab 2 (Px1xx) build]] 
 * [[GalaxyS3I9300Build|Galaxy S 3 (I9300) build]] 
 * [[GalaxyNote2N7100Build|Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) build]] 
 * [[GalaxyNote80N51xxBuild|Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xx) build]] 

 * [[UnsignedBuildsInstallation]] 

 * [[GTA04Build|GTA04 build]] 
 * [[GalaxyS3I9305Build|Galaxy S 3 4G (I9305) build]] 

 * [[HTCMagicBuild|HTC Magic build]] 
 * [[NexusOneBuild|Nexus One build]] 

 * [[KernelBuild|Standalone Kernel build]] 

 h2. Contributing to Replicant 

 * [[Tasks]] to improve Replicant 
 * [[Tasks_funding|Tasks and funding]]: draft on a new task page which includes tasks that can be funded 
 * [[DeveloperGuide|Developer guide]] 
 * [[ToolsInstallation|Tools installation]] 
 * [[GettingLogs|Getting logs]] 
 * [[Serial port|Serial port]] 
 * [[Bootloaders|Bootloaders]] 
 * [[GDBDebugging|GDB debugging]] 

 * [[Workshops|Workshops]]: How to organize a Replicant workshop 

 Some [[Index#Supported-devices|device pages]] also have development sections. 

 h3. Replicant porting guides 

 * [[Replicant60PortingGuide|Replicant 6.0 porting guide]] 
 * [[Replicant40PortingGuide|Replicant 4.0 porting guide]] 

 h3. Hardware support 

 * Samsung IPC protocol support with [[Samsung-RIL]] and [[libsamsung-ipc]] 

 h2. Research 

 * Details about the [[SamsungGalaxyBackdoor|Samsung Galaxy back-door]], that affects some Samsung Galaxy devices 

 The [[Index#Supported-devices|device pages]] contain hardware-specific research and a freedom and privacy/security evaluation for the respective device. 

 h3. Hardware support 

 * [[BCM4751]] GPS protocol support 
 * [[GSD4t]] GPS protocol support 
 * [[AKM8976A]] support 
 * [[OMAP4DucatiCamera|OMAP4 Ducati camera]] support 
 * [[QMI-RIL]] QMI protocol support 
 * [[WiFi]] Research on how to get free software WiFi firmwares 

 h3. Device evaluations 

 * [[HardwareRequirements]] Documentation and research on Android hardware requirements 
 * [[OptimusBlack|Optimus Black (P970)]] including development notes 
 * [[TargetsEvaluation| Various devices]] 
 * [[ModemSharedMemory| Shared Memory between the modem and the processor running Replicant]] Information on security issues on the topic 
 * [[Qualcomm SOCs| Qualcomm System On a Chip]] 

 h3. Bug documentation 

 * [[SIM not recognized with libsamsung-ipc and samsung-ril]] 

 h3. Other 

 * [[GraphicsResearch|Graphics]] Research on free software graphics driver implementations 
 * [[LocationTracking|Location Ttacking]] Research on how to avoid location tracking 
 * [[Upstream|Upstream]] Research on approaches to use upstream Linux and generic HAL in Replicant 
 * [[Toolchain]] Development efforts to remove prebuilt binaries from the source tree 
 * [[Dependencies]] Development efforts to enable to build Replicant on various GNU/Linux distributions 
 * [[TestingInfrastructure|Testing infrastructure]] How to create a test infrastructure for Replicant 
 * "Security Analysis of Android Factory Resets": 
 * [[Porting Replicant to Android 9]] 

 h2. Contact 

 If you have any questions or want to talk to the developers, you can use any of the following: 
 * "Forums":/projects/replicant/boards 
 * IRC: #replicant at "Freenode": 
 * "Mailing list": ("searchable archive": of the list) 

 For private, confidential or press-related inquiries: 
 * [[PrivateContact|Private contact]] 

 h2. Public 

 * [[ReplicantArtwork|Replicant artwork]]  
 * [[People]] behind the project 
 * [[ReplicantInfrastructure]] Description of the network infrastructure of Replicant (Redmine, git, etc), and the other project resources 
 * [[Conferences]] presented on behalf of the Replicant project 
 * [[EventsMeetings]] planning for meetings and events at conferences 

 The wiki is available under the "Creative Commons BY-SA": license.